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Page Number 2000132  Updated on April 1, 2023

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You are required to register a bicycle after purchasing it. You can do so at the store that you bought it from. When you do, make sure to save the registration number so you can give it to the police if when submitting a notification reporting that it was stolen.

Gifu Prefecture Bicycle Ordinance

In order to reduce the harm caused by bicycle accidents, enrollment in bicycle liability insurance has become compulsory and cyclists are also required to make an effort to wear a helmet in Gifu Prefecture.
Cyclists are legally required to enroll in bicycle liability insurance. They should also wear a helmet for their safety.

Please obey the following rules when riding a bicycle

  1. Do not ride with other people on the same bicycle (excluding models made to accommodate that).
  2. Please obey traffic lights and stop when necessary.
  3. Turn your lights on when riding at night.
  4. In principle, you should be riding on the left side of the road.
    However, if roads are narrow enough to be worried about your safety, you can also use sidewalks. Please be aware that pedestrians are prioritized on sidewalks, so you should make sure to take all safety precautions when riding and not inconvenience them.
  5. Do not ride one-handed (even to hold an umbrella, etc.)
  6. Wear a helmet and ride safely.
  7. If a child is riding with you on a child seat on your bike, make sure they wear a helmet too.

Parking bicycles

There are designated non-parking zones around JR Gifu Station and Meitetsu Gifu Station.
Bicycles parked in these zones will be impounded.
Please always make sure to park your bicycle in a designated parking space/zone.
Impounded bicycles will be kept for 60 days at the Gifu City Bicycle Impound Lot.


Public Works Management Division (Gifu City Hall, 16F / Tel. 058-214-4719)

For retrieving bicycles

Gifu City Bicycle Impound Lot(8 Furuichiba Takamiya / Tel. 058-234-5888)

Renting bicycles (share cycle)

You can rent a bicycle from any designated port located in the center of Gifu City (station, parks, hotels, etc.).

When renting

You will need to use a dedicated smartphone app.
You will also need to register before renting a bicycle.

Download URLs and QR codes


qr ecobike android


qr ecobike iphone


Cashless transactions are available.


You can rent anytime (24/7).
Please wear a helmet while riding bicycles.
For further details, please check the following websites.