Moving Processes


Page Number 2000138  Updated on April 1, 2023

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You will need to inform many different places of your address changing before and after moving.

  • When moving into Gifu City
  • When moving from one address to another in Gifu City
  • When moving out of Gifu City
  • When leaving Japan

In order to prevent important documents, etc. from being sent to the wrong address, please update your address with your phone company, bank, utility companies, etc. before moving.

Processes at Gifu City Hall

You will need to change your municipal resident status at Gifu City Hall or one of its branch offices, etc.


Citizen's Affairs Division (Gifu City Hall, 1F)
Tel. 058-214-2854

Processes for water and sewage services

The following center will calculate your remaining fees before moving out, so please inform them of your moving date as soon as possible.


Gifu City Water Utility Fee Center
Gifu City Hall, 2F
Tel. 058-266-8835


Please change your address around 1 week before moving.


Your electricity provider


Please change your address around 1 week before moving.


  • City gas Toho Gas Co., Ltd. Gifu Branch Office
    Tel. 058-272-2166
  • LP (liquefied petroleum) gas
    Gifu Prefecture LP Gas Customer Support Center
    Tel. 058-274-3443

Landline phones

Please change your address around 1 week before moving.


116 (you can dial this number directly without entering any area codes)

From cell phones/devices using PHS
Tel. 0800-2000-116
*Only reachable in the NTT Western Japan area.

Cell phones

You will need to change the address registered with your phone service provider after moving.


Please contact your cell service provider for more information.

*From cell phones

  • Docomo
    You can directly dial 151 (free).
  • au
    You can change your address through your My Au account on your smartphone, pc, etc.
    You can also directly dial 157 (free).
  • Softbank
    You can change your address through your My SoftBank account on your cell phone. etc.


You will need to change your address with your internet provider.

If you own a motor vehicle


  • Ordinary vehicles
    Gifu Prefecture Automobile Tax Office
    Address 2648-3 Hikie, Gifu City
    Tel. 058-279-3781 (representative line)
    Fax 058-279-5677
  • Light vehicles
    • Motorized bicycles (bikes 125cc or lower), special small motor vehicles, agricultural vehicles (tractors, etc.), other (forklifts, etc.)
      Contact Taxation Division (Gifu City Hall, 3F)
      Tel. 058-265-3908
    • Two-wheeled light motor vehicles (bikes exceeding 125cc and less than or equal to 250cc), two-wheeled small motor vehicles (bikes exceeding 250cc)
      Contact Chubu District Transport Bureau Gifu Branch (2648-1 Hikie, Gifu City)
      Tel. 050-5540-2053
    • Light motor vehicles (three/four wheels)
      Contact Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Organization Gifu Office (3-83 Chiyoda, Fukuju-cho, Hashima City)
      Tel. 050-3816-1775

Driver's licenses

If you have a driver's license, your address on it will also need to be updated after moving.

  • Service windows
    • Transportation Division at police stations
    • Driver's training centers
  • Things to bring
    • Driver's license
    • Residence certificate, etc.
  • Tel. 058-295-1010

Bank accounts, etc.

You will need to change your address with each of your bank accounts before moving.

Redirecting mail

You can redirect mail to your new address at the post office.

Things to bring

A form of ID such as a driver's license, health insurance card, etc.

Documents to prove your former and new addresses.

*Items sent to you at your former address will be redirected to your new address for one year starting from the day that you submit your notification.

School transfer notifications

Please tell the school that your child is attending that you would like to transfer schools and tell them your new address.


Those with a TV, etc. should inform NHK when their address changes.


0120-151515 (free)