Energy Conservation, the Environment, Hygiene


Page Number 2000131  Updated on April 1, 2024

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You can contact the following division if you would like to discuss any concerns you have about your living environment


Environmental Protection Division (Gifu City Hall, 14F / Tel. 058-214-2152)

If concerned about pollution, etc. in your living environment

You can consult about foul odors, loud noises, vibrations, etc. caused by factories or similar facilities.

If concerned about water pollution, etc.

You can consult about factories, etc. releasing their waste water, ground water contamination, etc.

If you see dead fish floating in the river, etc.

You can consult about issues pertaining to rivers such as fish in them being killed by oil, waste water, etc.

If installing a well

If installing a large pump into a well (1.5kw or higher with the inside of the hose having a 40mm diameter or greater), you will need to submit a notification stating your intention to do so at least 30 days before the installation.

Those that have submitted a notification for their well need to record the annual amount of water pumped out of it every year.

For more information, please contact the Environmental Protection Division.

Pets, etc.


Health and Hygiene Division, Gifu City Public Health Center
(2-19 Miyako-dori, Gifu City / Tel. 058-252-7195)

Registering dogs and getting them vaccinations

Dogs 91 days or older are required to be registered and get the rabies vaccine at least once a year.
Please contact the above division if the dog's owner changes, if their address changes, or if the dog passes away.

Times that you cannot look after your dog(s) or cat(s) due to circumstances beyond your control

Please contact the above division to discuss your situation.
These services are only available to those that cannot look after their dog(s)/cat(s) due to unforeseeable circumstances.
(these services are paid and the Public Health Center will determine the dates and times that they can look after dogs and cats)

Dog training classes and adoptions

Dog training classes are held for those that would like help with training their dog(s). Participants can also discuss any questions or concerns they have about training them.
If the Public Health Center has a puppy with no owner, you can request to adopt it.

Renting of equipment to keep cats out of your property

You can rent equipment to prevent cats from entering your yard (for up to 14 days).
Please contact the Health and Hygiene Division for further information.

Consultations regarding the removal of rats, insects, etc.

You can consult with staff regarding how to remove the above animals/bugs from your home, etc.

Regarding food


Food Hygiene Division, Gifu City Public Health Center
(2-19 Miyako-dori, Gifu City / Tel. 058-252-7194)

Consultations regarding food

We provide consultation regarding food poisoning, spoiled food, food labeling, etc.

For those interested in starting a food business

We provide consultation on food-related business procedures.