Rental Housing


Page Number 2000133  Updated on April 1, 2023

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Moving into city public housing

City public housing is rental housing that Gifu City manages and maintains for people with low incomes.
Rent is determined by the income of the renter and how large the space they are renting is.
It is for those that are currently worried about their housing conditions. There is an income limit, and rent will be determined by the renters' income.
There is housing that can accommodate those in wheelchairs, the elderly, single parent households, households raising children, etc.


Gifu Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation Gifu Office
(Gifu City Hall, 2F / Tel. 058-265-3900)

Application limit

One unit/household

Days available

Weekdays (Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays)
8:45am - 5:30pm

Selection process

Applications will be used to determine eligibility, and some selections will be made by lottery depending on the housing you applied for.

Things to bring

Please contact the Gifu Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation Gifu Office for more information.

Moving into prefectural housing

You can direct any questions you have concerning prefectural public housing towards the number below.


Gifu Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation Kencho Nishi Branch Office

5-14-12 Yabuta-Minami, Gifu City
Gifu Prefectural Think Tank Building 3F
Tel. 058-214-7058

How to rent private apartments, etc.

  • You can use a real estate company when looking for an apartment, house, etc. to rent/buy.
    Real estate companies introduce homes/rental properties that meet the needs and preferences of those using their services.
  • The following links contain information written in different languages about processes related to renting a property.