Health Examinations and Cancer Screening


Page Number 2000113  Updated on April 1, 2024

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Public health centers in Gifu City provide health consultations, health examinations, and cancer screenings, and you can use these to consult about lifestyle diseases and also detect diseases early.
You can also consult about preventing infections, dental health, etc.

Specified Health Checkup

This type of checkup is meant to detect lifestyle diseases that arise from metabolic syndrome (visceral fat syndrome), such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. and prevent the severe symptoms that can result from them.


National Health Insurance and Pension Plan Division (Gifu City Hall, 2F/Tel. 058-214-2651)

Those eligible

Those aged 40-74 that are enrolled in National Health Insurance as of the day of their checkup

Eligible period

From the day that you receive your examination form (特定健康診査受診券) until the end of October.


Participating medical institutions within Gifu City

How to receive the checkup

Bring the examination form that will be sent around mid-June as well as your health insurance card (or certificate of enrollment if you do not have a card).



For those enrolled in the National Health Insurance program through a different municipality or different kind of health insurance

People enrolled in health insurance through their company and their dependents can receive this checkup through their company's health insurance provider. Please ask them for further details, such as when they administer it, etc.

Cancer Screenings


Public Health and Disease Prevention Division, Gifu City Public Health Center
(2-19 Miyako-dori, Gifu City / Tel. 058-252-7193)

Lung cancer and Tuberculosis exam (chest X-ray)

  • Those eligible Those aged 40 or older
  • Fees Free

Lung cancer exam (sputum cytology)

  • Those eligible Those aged 50 or older*
  • Fees ¥500

*For those getting a chest X-ray that have smoked over 600 cigarettes (average daily amount x years that have smoked) and have coughed up phlegm the past three days

Stomach cancer exam

  • Those eligible Those aged 50 or older
  • Fees
    • Gastro X-ray ¥1,500
    • Gastrofiberscope Exam ¥4,000

Colorectal cancer exam

  • Those eligible Those aged 40 or older
  • Fees ¥400

Breast cancer exam

  • Those eligible Women aged 40 or older
  • Fees ¥1,500

Uterine cancer exam

  • Those eligible Women aged 20 or older
  • Fees
    • Cervix ¥2,000
    • Cervix + uterine corpus ¥3,000


You can confirm days and venues exams are performed by checking here.

Each exam requires a prior appointment to be made.

Gifu Sukoyaka Health Exam

Those enrolled in health insurance for older senior citizens should take a Gifu Sukoyaka Health Exam.


Medical Welfare Division (Gifu City Hall, 1F/Tel. 058-214-2128)

Eligible period

September - the end of November


Participating medical institutions within Gifu City

How to take the exam

Bring the exam form sent to you towards the end of August and your health insurance card with you