Gifu City Child and Adolescent Support Center


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You can have consultations about any concerns you have over your children (infants - younger than 20 years old) with staff who will provide continuous general support to suit each child's circumstances.
The center provides consultations over the phone, in person, and through email for children/youth under 20 years old, their guardians, teachers, etc.
One of center's staff will have a consultation with you and refer you to a specialist if necessary.
Those not sure who to discuss any issues they are facing can also feel free to contact the center.

General Consultations


11 Meitoku-cho, Gifu City




*Replies to emails
Weekdays, 8:45am - 5:30pm

Child-rearing consultations

Guardians of children can consult with staff with any difficulties they have in raising them, such as any of the following.

  • Lacking confidence with raising children
  • Your child not listening to you etc.

Consultations about your child's development

The center provides consultations concerning child development. Topics you can discuss include:

  • Being late to learn how to speak
  • Not being able to play well with friends etc.

You can also discuss issues with your child's development after they enter school

  • Cannot concentrate
  • Is picky to an extreme degree
  • Is not learning etc.

Consulations about children not going to school

You can discuss problems that your child may have at school, your child not wanting to go to school, etc. 

Bullying consultations

You can discuss any issues your child has had with bullying.
Please don't worry about these problems alone and feel free to discuss them with us. 

Consultations for those under 20 years old

The center provides consultations for youth under 20 years old in which you can discuss the following.

  • Delinquent behavior
  • Domestic violence
  • Trouble with interpersonal relationships
  • Withdrawn from society
  • Cannot keep a job etc.

Specialist consultations

After a general consultation, you can get advice from a specialist like a doctor (pediatrician, child psychologist), lawyer, or get counseling with a clinical psychologist.
These are also available to guardians and teachers.

Children's Hotdial and Hotmail (for Children Only)

  • Tel. 0120-43-1474
  • Email
    *Available 24 hours. You will receive a reply during the following time frame.
    Weekdays, 8:45am - 5:30pm

Consulting About or Reporting Child Abuse

If you see a child and have reason to believe that they may be suffering from child abuse, please do not hesitate to discuss or report it.
The secrets of those that report child abuse will be kept confidential. The following are signs that a child may be a victim of child abuse.

  • Children crying (and gives reasonable cause for concern)
  • Children that have unnatural injuries or bruises etc.

For consulting about/reporting child abuse

Tel. 058-269-1600

Child Consultation Center Abuse Dial

Tel. 189
*Always available

Gifu Prefecture Chuo Children's Consultation Center

Tel. 058-213-0189

Guardian and Child Classes

Guardians who are worried about the development of their children that are yet to enter kindergarten or daycare can come to parent child classes where they can play with their children.



Support Classes for Young Children

  • These classes support the development of children through play.
    Guardians can also ask questions about raising their child, such as regarding
    • Speech development
    • Communication abilities etc.
  • These classes also work with kindergartens, daycares, and elementary schools to promote children attending school.
  • Eligible children
    Children ages 3-5 that live in Gifu City
  • Days and times available
    Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays, the New Year's period) 8:45am - 5:30pm
  • Fees Free
  • Tel. 0120-43-7830

Support classes for young children

Class name



Nagara Child Support Class

2-140 Nagara Higashi, Gifu City


Gifu Kita Child Support Class

1-16-2 Fukumitsu Nishi, Gifu City


Sagiyama Child Support Class

2-9-12 Shimotsuchii, Gifu City


Gifu Higashi Child Support Class

1-16-13 Mizukaido, Gifu City


Ichihashi Child Support Class

6-13-25 Ichihashi, Gifu City


Kano Child Support Class

2-9-1 Kano Higashimaru-cho, Gifu City


Gifu Minami Child Support Class

1-75-2 Akanabe Hishino, Gifu City


Yanaizu Child Support Class

1-15 Shimosaba Nishi, Yanaizu-cho, Gifu City


Child and Youth Independence Support Classes

These classes are meant to promote the social independence of truant children through learning activities and giving them new experiences in small groups.
The classes aim to give them the power to become independent by creating and implementing individualized support programs for each child.

  • Tel. 0120-43-7830
  • Fees Free
  • Eligible children
    Those that live within the city and the following applies to.
    • Children who do not attend school
    • Children under 18 that are not going to school

Class name



Meitoku Child and Adolescent Independence Support Class

11 Meitoku-cho, Gifu City


Nanasato Child and Adolescent Independence Support Class

3 Nishikaiden Aza Kawamukai, Gifu City


Giyo Child and Adolescent Independence Support Class

735-2 Kamikawate, Gifu City


Akutami Child and Adolescent Independence Support Class

3-10-1 Akutami Minamiyama, Gifu City