Labor Insurance System


Page Number 2000158  Updated on March 8, 2022

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Industrial accident compensation insurance and unemployment insurance are two types of insurances in Japan that protect workers.

Industrial accident compensation insurance

Industrial accident compensation insurance provides compensation for injuries, illnesses, disabilities, and death that workers incur resulting from work duties or their commute to and from work.

It is administered on a national level and was created to protect the lives of workers and their families.

Companies are required to have this insurance, and it covers all of their workers.

Individuals (workers, etc.) are unable to join on their own.

Administering organization

Labor Standards Inspection Office

Unemployment insurance

This insurance provides workers that have lost their income due to quitting or losing their job with temporary income to give stability to their lives and help them find employment again.

Recipients can also acquire necessary knowledge and skills through occupational training. 

The cost of this insurance is split equally between the employer and employee.

The insurance premium is deducted from workers' wages.

Administering organization

Public Employment Security Office (Hello Work)