Entering into employment contracts


Page Number 2000157  Updated on November 29, 2022

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Everyone working in Japan, including foreign nationals, must follow Japanese laws.

This includes the Labor Standards Act, Minimum Wage Act, and Industrial Safety and Health Act.

When an employee and employer enter into a contract, the terms of employment must follow the law, and employees must receive a copy of their terms of employment from their employer.

Labor Standards Act

This law establishes the basic conditions for all employment in order to protect workers from being forced to do unreasonable work due to reasons such as the nature of the power dynamic between the employer and employee.

Minimum Wage Act

This law was created to help provide stability to workers' lives and to improve the quality of their labor by establishing a minimum wage.

Industrial Safety and Health Act

This law was created to protect the safety and health of workers as well as promote a comfortable work environment.