Illegal staying, illegal employment


Page Number 2000155  Updated on November 25, 2022

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Illegal staying

All foreign nationals lacking Japanese nationality have a residence period determined upon entering Japan.
Remaining in Japan after this period expires is known as illegal staying.
Illegal staying includes illegally entering the country and remaining in the country after your residence status has expired. If you do either, you will be deported and may be imprisoned or have to pay fines.
If you are found guilty of any of the above violations in a court of law, you could face up to three years of prison time or a fine of up to 3,000,000 yen.

You may be sentenced to prison time and be ordered to pay a fine if your violation(s) is particularly serious.
If you are deported, you will be unable to return to Japan for at least five years.

Illegal employment

Foreign nationals that have a residence status such as temporary visitor, trainee, etc. as well as those that have overstayed their visa or not gained permission to enter Japan are not legally allowed to work within the country.

Any foreign nationals who work in Japan and the above applies to will be considered to be working illegally and deported.