Information Provided by the Prefecture and National Government During Times of Disaster, Apps that Provide Information During Times of Disaster


Page Number 2000091  Updated on April 1, 2024

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Meteorological Agency and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism

Multilingual disaster prevention information

The smartphone app provides information about earthquakes and heavy rains.

QR codes:Meteorological Agency and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism

Disaster information app, "Safety Tips"

This app sends early earthquake warnings, tsunami warnings, emergency meteorological alerts, and evacuation advisories as push notifications to foreign nationals visiting Japan that do not understand Japanese.

Download URLs and QR Codes


QR codes:Safety tips(Disaster information app)Android version


QR codes:Safety tips(Disaster information app)iPhone version

NHK World Japan

NHK World Japan is an international service provided by Japan's public broadcaster, NHK.
It provides multilingual information that can be accessed across the world using TV, radio, and the internet.

Download QR codes

QR codes:NHK World Japan Android version
QR codes:NHK World Japan iPhone version

"Japan Safe Travel" X account

This account provides safety information when natural disasters occur to foreign tourists in Japan.

Download QR codes

QR codes:Japan Safe Travel Twitter account

Gifu International Center(GIC)(Facebook)

Like and follow GIC's Facebook page to receive evacuation information when a natural disaster occurs.

Gifu International Center (GIC)(Facebook)