Places to Contact in Times of Emergency


Page Number 2000086  Updated on April 1, 2023

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Dial 119 for fires, ambulances, and rescues

This number is always available and free to contact.
Interpretation in 18 different languages is also always available.
Please wait until an interpreter comes on the line after calling.

Landlines and mobile phones:

Directly dial 119

Public phones:

Press the red emergency contact button and then dial 119.

Please calmly state 1 - 4 below

  1. Explain what happened and the situation.
    • There is a fire.
    • I/someone else need an ambulance.
  2. Where you are located (if you don't know the address, give the name of a nearby location or landmark.)
  3. Describe the situation in further detail.
    • What is on fire.
    • State of a sudden illness, traffic accident, etc. that occurred.
      Give the gender, age, and condition of any sick or injured persons.
  4. Give your name and phone number.

If a fire has occurred

  • If you see a fire, yell "Kaji da! Kaji da!" in a loud voice and alert those around you.
  • Call the fire department at 119.
  • If the flames are still small enough, try to use a fire extinguisher to put them out.
  • If the flames are too big to be put out with a fire extinguisher, get away from them and to somewhere safe.

Things to remember when dealing with fires

Noticing fires early

Install a fire alarm in your house so that you will be aware of any fires as soon as possible. These are often installed in the bedroom.

Alert those around you in a loud voice

When you see a fire, alert those around you in a loud voice and try to work together to alert the fire department and help people evacuate.

Doing all of these steps by yourself will take more time and could potentially increase the amount of damage caused by the fire.

Quickly putting out fires

  • Try to put out fires as quickly as possible after they occur.
  • Do not pour water on fires burning on oil as this will cause them to explode and is very dangerous.
  • Having a fire extinguisher accessible at all times will allow you to quickly put out fires.

Quickly getting to safety

Always prioritize your own safety when dealing with fires that are too large and evacuate somewhere safe as quickly as possible. Please make sure to do so during the following situations.

  • When rooms get enveloped in smoke and/or flames reach the ceiling
  • When you see a fire but realize it will take too long to get a fire extinguisher


Dial 110 to report accidents or crimes

This number is always available and free to contact.

Additionally, if anyone is injured, you can inform the police, and they will send an ambulance.

Landlines and mobile phones:

Directly dial 110

Public phones:

Press the red emergency contact button and then dial 110.

Please calmly state 1 - 3 below

  1. Explain what happened and the situation
  2. The place/address of where the accident/crime happened
  3. Your name and phone number

If you have gotten into a traffic accident

If you have caused or are involved in a traffic accident, you are required to notify the police regardless of how minor it is.

Even if you appear to be uninjured, you may experience symptoms later, so please go to a hospital and have a doctor verify if you are injured or not.

If others are involved

Take note of the names, license plate numbers, and contact information of anyone else involved in the accident as you are required to contact your insurance company after an accident as soon as possible.

What to do if a burglary occurs while no one is home or if you have been assaulted

Please report the incident to the nearest police box (koban) or police station.

If your bankbook, credit card, etc. have been stolen, immediately report it to your bank or credit card company to stop all payments.