A Close Municipal Administration


Page Number 2000147  Updated on April 1, 2023

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City council


Council Proceedings Assessment Division
(Gifu City Hall, 4F / Tel. 058-214-6237)

Listening to city council meetings

You can listen to city council plenary sessions and committee meetings after writing your name and address at the listening reception area.
If you would like to listen to a committee meeting, you will need permission from each committee to do so.

Petitions and appeals

"Petitions" and "appeals" include requests related to the city government as well as requests for city council to submit a written opinion to the national government.
There are rules for how these should be written, so please feel free to contact the Council Proceedings Assessment Division if you would like to learn more.

Municipal administration information


Municipal Information Office
(Gifu City Hall, 2F / Tel. 058-265-4141 Ext: 2283)

Viewing administrative files

Please use the Public Information Release Room.

Administrative procedure system

The rules for this system (eligibility/ineligibility criteria, etc.) have been determined to make receiving permission, etc. more fair and easy with protecting the rights and benefits of all citizens in mind. They are made public at the service window in charge.

Information disclosure system

This system was created to make the municipal administration more open to the public by allowing citizens to view and make copies of public documents.

Personal information protection system

Appropriate measures have been set for the city to handle the personal information it holds, and citizens can confirm information that the city has from them as well as make changes to it or stop using certain services.