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Page Number 2000146  Updated on April 1, 2024

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Gifu City sends out information through a variety of methods.

Public Relations and Opinion Division
(Gifu City Hall, 5F / Tel. 058-214-2387)

Koho Gifu (Gifu City's public relations newsletter) (in Japanese)

Published twice a month (on the 1st and 15th).

Besides having the newsletter delivered to your household through your neighborhood association, you can also read it in public facilities like city hall branch offices, community centers, public halls, etc. It is also available in post offices, convenience stores, etc.

The newsletter can be read on an app (you can download Catalog Pocket to read automatically translated multilingual versions too, although you may need an aquaintance to help you do so)

Braille and audio versions

Published twice a month.

Braille and DAISY audio casette tape versions of Koho Gifu can be sent to those that request them.

Social Media

The city also publishes information on various social media platforms to share the charm of Gifu City with a wider audience.

  • Gifu City Official Facebook Page
  • Gifu City Official X Account
  • Gifu City Official YouTube Channel
  • Gifu City Official Instagram Account (Gifusta !)
  • Gifu City Official LINE Account

TV and radio PR shows


  • Anata no Machi Kara Gifu City
    Gifu Chan (Gifu Broadcasting System, Inc.)
    Every Friday 6:00pm-6:15pm
  • Gifu, Ciao!
    CCN (cable TV)


  • Gifu City!Genki Information
    Gifu Chan [AM 1431kHz/FM 90.4MHz]
    • Every Tuesday and Friday 9:40am-9:45am
    • April -January (rebroadcast) 5:40pm-5:45pm
  • Special Gifu information "Kiite Minto"
    FM Watch (City FM Gifu) [78.5MHz]
    • April - December:Every Monday and Tuesday 12:50pm-12:58pm
    • January - March:Every Monday 12:50pm-12:58pm

*You can learn about the content being broadcasted from sources like the Gifu City website.