Assistance for those who evacuated from Ukraine to Gifu City


Page Number 2000333  Updated on April 1, 2023

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Many people have fled Ukraine due to the ongoing Russian invasion, and Gifu City is currently considering what it can do to help them. The city established the Gifu City Ukrainian Evacuee Acceptance Project Team on March 11, 2022. The team is tasked with considering and deciding on measures that Gifu City can take to help with accepting evacuees from Ukraine and providing them with the support they need to live in the city.

Gifu City supports those who have fled Ukraine to Gifu City. 

Please feel free to consult with staff at the below contact if you live in Gifu City and have a relative, friend, etc. that would like to evacuate to our city from Ukraine.

People supported by Gifu City

Family members or acquaintances of Ukrainian nationals living in Gifu City, people who are fleeing from Ukraine to Gifu City, etc.


  1. Where to consult
    International Affairs Division in Gifu City Attractiveness Promotion Department
  2. Japanese Language Support
    The International Affairs Division in Gifu City's Attractiveness Promotion Department and the Gifu City International Exchange Association can help you study Japanese.
  3. Place to live
    There are 7 apartments available in Gifu City.
  4. Work and Study
    We can support you with getting a job.
    We support children with entering elementary or junior high schools to study, entering daycares, etc.
  5. Vaccinations, etc.
    We provide COVID-19 vaccinations and other support to help people who have fled their homes to avoid getting sick.
  6. Services in Gifu City
    If you register as a resident of Gifu City, you will be assisted with the procedures for various services in our city.

You can visit or call the contact below if you have any questions or concerns regarding the evacuation of people from Ukraine to Gifu City.
 International Affairs Division (Gifu City Hall, 10F / Tel. 058-214-6125)




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