About the Host Town Initiative

About the Host Town Initiative

  The Host Town Initiative is a government program made to promote human, economic and cultural exchanges between regional public organizations all over Japan and the participating countries/regions, going towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Through this program, Japan hopes to become a sports-focused country, promote globalism, invigorate local areas, and promote tourism.

*For more details on registered countries, please go to the Cabinet Secretariat’s website. 

  Gifu City has a host town relationship with Slovakia (table tennis, karate, Paralympic table tennis, and boccia), Canada (track and field, Paralympic track and field *jointly registered with Gifu Prefecture), Cote d’Ivoire (taekwondo, track and field *jointly registered with Seki City).

*A website dedicated to sharing information related to host towns across Japan has been completed. Its contents update in real time, so please take a look.
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Gifu City Host Town News

  We periodically publish news detailing the main projects and events that we are working on.

*Japanese versions only

2019: Summer edition( pdf : 453KB ) Fall edition( pdf : 826KB )

2020: Winter edition( pdf:837KB ) Early summer edition( pdf : 1304KB )

Host Town Support Schools

 Support schools were chosen to give students a chance to interact with a diverse range of cultures when training camps are held. The 11 schools below are those that were chosen on March 2019.

List of Host Town Support Schools

- Slovakia
  Seizan Junior High School (table tennis)
  Gifu Chuo Junior High School (karate)
  Shokaku Elementary School (Paralympic table tennis)
  Uzura Elementary School and Soden Elementary School (boccia)

- Canada
  Akanabe Elementary School and Miwa Junior High School (track and field)
  Nagara-nishi Elementary School, Shima Junior High School, Gifu Special Needs School (Paralympic track and field)

- Cote d’Ivoire
  Nagara Junior High School (taekwondo)

List of Major Host Town Support School Activities

- Making and displaying support message flags
- Exchange with athletes and staff (school visits, students watching athletes train)
- Athletes and coaches giving advice to students about their sport
- Participating in citizen exchanges (events, etc.)

Creating Support Message Flags

 Each host town support school created a support message flag for their team, with each students’ work and passion to support their team evident in each.

- Slovakia


Top left: Seizan Junior High School (table tennis)
Bottom left: Gifu Chuo Junior High School (karate)
Center: Shokaku Elementary School (Paralympic table tennis)
Top right: Uzura Elementary School (boccia)
Bottom right: Soden Elementary School (boccia)

- Canada


Top left: Akanabe Elementary School (track and field)
Bottom left: Miwa Junior High School (track and field)
Top center: Nagara-nishi Elementary School (Paralympic track and field)
Bottom center: Gifu Special Needs School (Paralympic track and field)
Top and bottom right: Shima Junior High School (Paralympic track and field)

- Cote d’Ivoire


Nagara Junior High School (taekwondo)

Displaying Support Message Flags at the 63rd Gifu Nobunaga Festival

 Elementary and junior high school students walked in the parade for the 63rd Oda Nobunaga Festival carrying their support message flags for their teams starting from the north entrance of JR Gifu Station and ending at the main branch of Gifu City Hall.
   It was a beautiful sunny day, and they were able to display their flags to the many people that attended the festival.



Host Town Country Postage Stamp Frames

 In order to promote support for its host town partners, Gifu City worked together with Japan Post Co., Ltd., an official Olympic and Paralympic partner, to create host town postage stamp frames for each partner country.

Frame designs

           <Slovakia>               <Canada>               <Cote d'Ivoire>


Release dates
Japan Post Offices: April 3 (Fri), 2020
Japan Post Office Net Shop: April 5 (Sun), 2020

Amount to be sold

500 sheets for each partner country

Participating post offices
Slovakia and Canada stamps
70 post offices from Gifu City, Motosu City, Mizuho City, and Kitagata Town.
Cote d’Ivoire stamps
132 post offices from Gifu City, Motosu City, Mizuho City, Kitagata Town, Seki City, Yamagata City, Mino City, Kakamigahara City, and Gujo City.

*Excluding some non-participating post offices
*All three stamps can also be found at the Nagoya Central, Tsu Central, Shizuoka Central, Tokyo Central, and Otemachi post offices.

Sheet contents

Five stamps (84 yen each) per sheet


B5 size (around 257mm long x 182mm wide)


920 yen/sheet (tax included)
*If you make a purchase on the Post Office Net Shop, you will need to pay an additional fee for shipping.